Getting things right from the start

It sounds a little worn out, but we truly believe in quality over quantity. We invest a great amount of time into planning and developing a new theme, until we feel that it is ready to be released.

For us, it is all about the people who use our products. This is why we aim to provide exceptional customer support for all our products, every single day. We want every customer to have access to everything they need to make their projects a success. And we listen to feedback and continually improve our products — with our lifetime update guarantee we give customers the best value for their money.

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Our Approach

A look at how we do things


As with any project, everything starts with an idea. What steps are necessary to bring this idea to life? We do some research, define priorities and milestones and get our heads into the project.


What's in it and what could it look like? Time for some good old pen and paper. We create sitemaps and sketch the user experience. We aim for the best foundation possible before we start developing.

Design and Development

After all the planning, it is time to shine. We create the actual design and develop the theme, always keeping an eye on the user experience. After all, the theme has to be easy to use and to set up.


To make sure that you are not thrown into cold water, we invest a lot of time creating an extensive, illustrated user manual and matching tutorials for each theme.

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The Team

Meet the people behind ShapingRain

Profile Nils Huber

Nils Huber Design

Nils is a self-taught web designer who fell in love with the web in early 2000. Thirteen years, dozens of wonderful projects and countless mugs of coffee later, he is responsible for design and front-end development at ShapingRain. When he is not pushing pixels or fighting heroic battles against unwilling browsers, you can find him traveling, listening to a great deal of music or doing sports.

Profile Marcus Wernicke

Marcus Wernicke Development

Marcus is responsible for back-end development at ShapingRain. Despite his contempt for everything maths, he discovered programming for fun at the age of 11 back in 1993. He built his first website two years later and still gets his kicks from writing code. When he is not busy fighting bugs, he is saving the planet and promoting conservation messages as a volunteer with the Vancouver Aquarium. He also presents his own weekly web radio show.