WordPress SEO in 2019 – A Beginners Guide

Nils Huber,December 28, 2018 in Resources, Tutorials

Optimizing WordPress for Search engines is not rocket science and very beginner friendly. In this beginners guide, I will be giving you an overview on what you should do to improve your on-page SEO and get your content noticed by search engines! Setting up your WordPress Site Should I use an SSL certificate or is it […]

Why WordPress Is A Good Choice For Your Next Website

Nils Huber,September 20, 2018 in Resources

WordPress began as a simple CMS to create your own blog. Today it powers over 30% of all websites that are on the web. If your website is not running on WordPress yet, but you are strongly considering making the switch, here are some five good reasons that may help you decide. 1. Easy to […]

9 Essential WordPress Plugins For Any Website!

Nils Huber,September 10, 2018 in Resources

“Which WordPress Plugins do you recommend?” is a question we hear a lot and with over 55,000 plugins available, selecting the right plugin can be quite a challenge. To make things a little easier, here is our list of WordPress plugins we consider essential for any WordPress installation. Criteria for picking the right WordPress Plugin […]

The 3 Best Image Optimization Plugins for WordPress

Nils Huber,November 25, 2017 in Resources

Do a good thing! Optimize your images, save your visitors some bandwidth and improve your SEO! Good image optimization can increase your page speed enormously and is an essential part of SEO. Here is my list of 3 great WordPress plugins that will help you to optimize images and drive their file size into the […]

15 Free Book Mockup PSD Files For Your Website

Nils Huber,November 1, 2017 in Resources

We have developed quite a few eBook Landing Pages in the recent years and one question that came up more than once was – Where can I find free book mockups for my website? So here it is, our list of 15 free book mockup PSD files, that you can use for free on your […]

15 Unsplash Collections With Amazing Free Stock Photography

Nils Huber,August 18, 2017 in Resources

When it comes to free stock photography, there is no other site like Unsplash. What started as a small Tumblr blog in 2013, has become the number one free stock photo website on the web today, with talented amateurs and professional photographers uploading their photos, free to use for personal and commercial projects. I have […]

9 Free Icon Fonts For Your Website

Nils Huber,July 17, 2017 in Resources

Good Icon fonts provide a fast and easy way to improve any websites design and usability. Here are our top 9 picks of free icon fonts you can use in your projects. Just like CSS was liberating web designers from using tables to layout a website, Icon Fonts allow us to include accessible icons without […]

15 Free iPhone Mockup PSDs

Nils Huber,May 23, 2016 in Resources

Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone changed smartphones forever and showcasing designs with it, has become a popular trend during the recent years. Here are 15 iPhone Mockups you can use for free in your projects! iPhone 6S front and angled PSD iPhone SE Psd Mockup iPhone 6 PSD Mockup iPhone 5S PSD Iphone 6 Photorealistic […]

12 Awesome Google Webfont Combinations

Nils Huber,March 17, 2016 in Resources

The days of horrible web typography are long gone. Thanks to Google and others, web designers now have the choice between hundreds of different fonts for free. Here are some Google Webfont combinations that we have used in our themes. Amatic SC | Josefin Sans Dancing Script | EB Garamond Fjalla One | Open Sans Lato | Merriweather Lustria | Lato Montserrat | Neuton Open Sans | Gentium Oswald | Droid […]

26 Awesome Free Stock Photos Websites

Nils Huber,February 7, 2016 in Resources

Finding the right stock photos for your project can be a lengthy and often frustrating process. Either the image does not fit your needs, you are on a tight budget or that free stock photo comes with a licence text which makes the Mona Lisa look like a kindergarten finger painting. To help you with […]