A good product landing page lists the benefits of the product, features great product shots and convinces the visitor to hopefully make the purchase or continue on his buyer’s journey.

That is why we have included a great product landing page with the Inbound WordPress theme.

Product Landing Page

Product Landing Page Features

  • Above the fold, the landing page features a clear header with a headline, sub headline and an attention grabbing call to action button.
  • Below the fold, the visitor finds an image gallery with various product shots to give a better impression of the product.
  • Followed by a section for introductory content paired with a link to a product video.
  • Further content sections to list the benefits of the product you are selling, including video, image slider and a features list.
  • Testimonial section to display feedback from customers you have already made. Which is great to gain more trust from the visitor.
  • A final call to action element at the bottom of the page.

As always, every element of the product landing page is highly customizable and can be changed easily with the included widgets and page builder. The design is already available to all Inbound customers and has been added to the themes repository.