Today we are happy to announce our latest WordPress Theme, called Inbound. Inbound is a WordPress Landing Page theme that makes it possible to create any landing page you want within WordPress.

The theme includes powerful features such as an easy to use page builder, a unique banner system, WooCommerce support, multiple demos to get you started straight away and profiles, a feature we introduced in 2016. Profiles allow you to create as many uniquely designed landing pages as you want, with only one installation of WordPress and the theme. You can also use the feature to distinguish between sections, e.g. the blog and your shop, or to quickly reproduce a design for split testing, e.g. to test two different menu designs.

In the future we plan to release more landing page designs for the theme, which you will be able to install with a single click.

If you want know more about Inbound and its features, please have a look at our themeforest page.